Undergraduate Projects

WPI requires undergraduates to complete three projects in the process of graduating: the IQP, the MQP, and the Sufficiency. It's touted as a way of ensuring students are well-rounded.

IQP stands for Interactive Qualifying Project. The project is supposed to involve technology and how it effects society. People do studies on computer research, surveys on pollution, etc. Lots of projects involve surveys. My project Fractals and Art was a 100-page study of the humanistic side of fractals, which are mathematical structures with detail on every level of magnification.

MQP stands for Major Qualifying Project. I participated in WPI's international projects program, so I got to travel to NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center to work with them for a term. GSFC is the center that brings you the Astronomy Picture of the Day. Our project involved creating a context-sensitive help system for NASA's Technology Inventory, a database keeping track of who's doing what in and for NASA. Our project: take the existing mish-mash of static, horribly disorganized HTML pages and impose structure.

While the MQP and IQP are three course units worth of work, the Sufficiency is worth only one. It's a small project in the humanities. I'll probably do something involving computer music or my Theremin.