John F. Waymouth IV

Welcome to my mind.

I'm 22.

SWM, 6' tall, brown hair and hazel eyes. I enjoy long talks on the beach.

I don't like corn-dogs, because I'm a vegetarian.

i'm not normal

i like to think

i like to make you think

i like programming

i like anything technical, really

i build things

i solve problems

i'm a jack-of-all-trades

i have an artistic side, too

it sneaks up on me when i least expect it

it hides when i most expect it

one of these days i'll catch it and tie it down

then again, maybe that's a bad idea

actually, i don't have an artistic side

i don't have a technical side either

i have technical abilities shaped by artistic expression

i have artistic abilities shaped by technical theories

exhibit A

you're looking at it


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