I first learned to program at around age 14, using QBASIC on my dad's computer. Soon I graduated to C (a horrid language to learn on) and from there the rest is history. Now I'm fluent in 5 or 10 programming languages and I know at least 30 passingly well. I program almost every day.

I'm a big supporter of the Open Source Initiative. To a lesser degree, I also support the GNU Project. I detest software piracy, and I'm not a fan of music "sharing".

I'm a complete do-it-myselfer, and I love to have access to all of the knobs and dials behind the scenes. I run Gentoo Linux on my laptop, and I've been running linux since around 1998. Gosh that sounds like a long time.

I just graduated from WPI with a Bachelor's of Science in Computer Science. I'm psyched, those last few months were really tough! WPI was an awesome experience, but I'm glad I'm finally done.

I'm the author of SINCam, a Linux-based webcam driver daemon. This thing embodies the Linux philosophy of infinite customizeability, but I like to think that I managed to avoid making it bloatware. It's released under the GPL, my first of hopefully many officially released packages. Most of the rest of my stuff is either out-dated, designed specifically for my use, or otherwise unfit for release.

About this website

Curious how I designed this site? I combined a few ideas from various places and added my own flair. There's a little bit of javascript and CSS, a sneaky trick or two, and a surprisingly tiny amount of HTML. Go on, take a look.

Those not well versed with web design might not be that shocked with the transparent frame in which this text rests. Partial transparency is not supported in a cross-browser compatible way, so I did a little bit of cheating. I grabbed this concept from css/edge ComplexSpiral. The whole css/edge site is definitely worth a look.

The main navigation "menu" was done in Paint Shop Pro. The face image was an accident that turned out to be really damn cool (I meant to place it on the side like the rest).

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